JOY – Daia Grigore

JOY – Daia Grigore

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“Small things are sometimes so easy to ignore. But when you start to notice and put them all together, they start to look like this: a colorful, dreamy and fluidly-shaped pattern made of nice, tiny bits of memory. Enjoy. ” – Daia Grigore

DAIA is a Romanian illustrator and graphic designer. In her works, she aspires to create a world full of joy, where play is encouraged regardless of age and bold colors are always invited.

wall vinyl, transfer foil
soft pink + yellow + eggplant + turquoise
baby blue + yellow + eggplant + turquoise
~200x250cm as suggested by the author, but you can play with the elements and make your own composition

– vinyl decal
– scraper [ one for each order – just to save plastic ]
– easy-to-follow instructions
– in the case of a multiple order, all products will be delivered in the same box; if you want them packed separately, please mention this in “Order note” at checkout.

All designs are made from vinyl with special wall adhesive (for washable paint, not silicon or teflon based paint), but they can also be applied on other smooth surfaces like furniture, electronics, glass, metal.
They can be easily removed, leaving no marks, as long as the wall is well finished – you can test your paint with a small piece of adhesive paper tape or with the test-sticker you will find in the box.
If installed correctly, the decals will last over 5 years on interior surfaces and up to 2 years on exterior facades.



1. tape your wall sticker in the middle, place it on the wall and press it with a scraper;
2. start with one half and slowly peel away the transfer foil holding the pieces together and cut the paper backing;
3. press it with the scraper carefully, to avoid air bubbles;
4. repeat step 2 and 3 for the second half of the sticker;
5. gently and carefully roll down the transfer foil.

* you will also find this instructions printed on the product box.
** you will not receive customized instructions for each design, due to their versatility as composition.

Manufacturing time:
1-3 working days

Romania: 1 working day
Europe: 3-7 working days
International: 5-14 working days

within 14 days following delivery and only if the product wasn’t damaged in any way or removed from it’s paper support or transfer foil.

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